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I'm going to Korea and weat to eat good food.

The Prime Minister tried to cover up the scandal, but that just made it worse when the newspapers discovered the truth.

This is the boy who showed me around the city.

In cookies, he only eats the filling.

Thanks for coming with me.

You're probably bored stiff.

We don't need to go any further.

Will doesn't seem too enthusiastic.

I have to close the windows.

Do you want to make a snowman?

What's the name of your dog?

Alfred is silent.

There is no going back.

He had to look for his room by himself.

For me, reading at home is preferable to reading sitting beside strangers in a library.


I saw Lum's name on the cover.

Lenny put the calendar on the wall behind his desk.

At this third lie, his nose became longer than ever, so long that he could not even turn around.

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I want to travel to the moon.

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This seems unlikely.

Did you happen to bring a blanket?

There's a big gunfight in the middle of the movie and the sheriff gets killed.

He entered my room.

He made use of the opportunity to improve his English.

There are good people in the world.

Shel said that Hui was incompetent, or something to that effect.

Somebody knocked at the door.

Last week I underwent LASIK, an eye operation to fix my vision.

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Are our borders secure?

Irvin doesn't like the way Ernst laughs.

He violated a law.

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Elric recruited immigrant workers to rebuild his mansion.


Tell the truth.

I still haven't finished eating breakfast.

Teenagers must adapt to today's harsh realities.


"Zelda, I'm always talking about dinner." "I know!" "Hmm... I'm going fishing!" "Can I come too?" "Yes!" "Beautiful!"

It looks like he's winning.

Let's help him.


I tried to get Philip to help Matt.

I hate it when people use toothpicks.

We talked on the way home.


Her girlfriend is completely flat-chested.

The exosphere is the highest layer of the atmosphere. It extends from the top of the thermosphere up to 10,000 kilometers.

I promised not to tell anyone.

Mommy, where's my booger?

I could only take what fit into the suitcase.


I'll keep it for them.

Have you worked out the answer yet?

We should have a conversation.

I saw him with a group of men.

I hope we can figure this out.

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I just don't know what to think.


Briggs wanted Sergei to like him.

The news that he would come, quickly got abroad.

Why were you even there?


Is it cold in Germany?


There is a canceled seat available on the next flight.

How are you connected?

Yesterday, a man told me that I sleep around too much.

She teaches yoga.

Aren't you fond of playing tennis?

I'll see what I can work out.

I gave it my best.

That guy is a douche.

She pretended innocence.

Gerald and Shatter would make a lovely couple.

Nancy vehemently denied the accusations.

The milk turned sour.

The situation is disastrous.

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She invited me to her birthday party.

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Margie stomped her foot angrily.

We found it difficult to enter the disco.

Tell me what that is.

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Don't buy us anything.


Herve is home from college.

He sees himself as the center of the world.

Are you coming?

He is very talented musically, able to play at least 5 instruments.

Who did Batman save?

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I don't like to be spoken to.

My father asked me if I got along well with the Jones family.

They brought medical supplies.

All her imaginary happiness vanished in a moment.

Marek didn't want to risk his friendship with Hirofumi by trying to turn it into a romance.


"Ruche" is literally French for "beehive," but means something quite a bit different in English. If you use your imagination, however, you can see some similarities.


We have many rainy days in June.

The ATM has swallowed my debit card.

Jill wasn't happy at all.

He spoke kindly with me.

She's a top-level executive.

Daniel was court-martialed on the grounds of mutiny and disobeying orders.

I want my family back.

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Part of our job is to make sure that the town is safe from high water.


I'd like to go around the world on a boat.

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Call 1-800-828-6322 for more information.


What are you drawing?

He stood in an upright position.

Tatoeba is great.

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No one knows if he loves her or not.


Now, the situation is out of hand.

He prepared the blueberry sauce with which to flavor the duck.

I hope he will wait for me.

Don't trouble about me.

A person like Elijah probably knows how to swim.

I enjoy cooking, but I don't like the cleaning up afterwards.

What is the meaning of this?


He had excess water in his lungs.

I knew I'd run into Bryan at the conference.

May I invite you to dinner?

Don't pull it. Push it open.

Who sent this letter?

Many people underestimate the importance of food for health and well-being.

To my regret, his was nothing but a short-lived triumph.

He was tricked into doing it.

Who beat you up?

Are you the guy who called?

What's the minimum salary in Chile?

I like it spicy, but I don't like it too spicy.

This conversation is over. Bye.

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Can I have the next one, please?

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The soldier groaned with pain.

Greed is the root of all evil.

Sigurd hoped that Shamim wouldn't die.

Do you want to see some magic?

He was promoted to the position of head teacher.

Rudolf has good instincts.

I'd like to think that's true.

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I followed my mother's example.

It could be objective.

How are you, my dear?

Phillip might be thirsty.

Ernest was John's best man.

I feel bored.

Barney begged Lawrence to let him go.


Give me that weapon.

I sat up reading till late last night.

I've never taught anyone anything.

Jeffery and Rainer have a daughter named Alice.

Orville thinks that Jamie is being unnecessarily cautious.


We couldn't cross the river.


He defeated his opponent in the election.


While some U.S. regions and some types of agricultural production will be relatively resilient to climate change over the next 25 years or so, others will increasingly suffer from stresses due to extreme heat, drought, disease, and heavy downpours.

Children will believe what their parents tell them.

Who would do something like this?

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The programmer is fixing a technical problem with the computer server.

You have to be up-front and candid at interviews.

It's really unfair.


Mahjong is a game four people play.

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To begin with, we must tackle the problem.

I'll change it for you.

It's clear as water.


Are you dating anyone?

We will have some visitors one of these days.

All of you are cretins.


Jess lives with Phil in a small apartment near my house.


Everything has it's end, only sausages have two.

It was inevitable that they would meet.

She has already cooked the meal.